FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ibecx Bike Pass for?

The Ibecx Bike Pass is your loyal companion for your next mountain bike adventure. With it, you will receive unique recommendations and attractive discounts from our partners. They have all been carefully selected by us so that you can enjoy your next MTB tour to the fullest - and save money at the same time.

Who is the Ibecx Bike Pass suitable for?

The Ibecx Bike Pass is suitable for individuals, groups and families. All our partners have been selected to fully meet the needs of each category. Our Pass also comes in three categories so you can find the right solution for you: Solo for you, Solo Plus for you and your free-choice companion, and Family for you and your family from the same household.

How does the Ibecx Bike Pass work?

After your purchase in our online store, your Ibecx Bike Pass will be displayed in your customer account on our website. There you will see the Pass ID, which offer you have chosen and the duration. You will then have immediate access to all our partner offers. You can contact the partners and take advantage of their offers. As soon as you meet the partner - e.g. when you check in at an accommodation, meet a guide or stand at the checkout in a mountain railroad or store - he will show you his Ibecx QR code, which you have to scan with your cell phone. This will take you directly to our website where you can log in. After entering your login details, the partner will receive a confirmation via a green screen on your cell phone that your pass is valid and that you are entitled to receive the offer.

Where can I use the Ibecx Bike Pass?

With the Ibecx Bike Pass you get offers at all our partners in all countries. For the time being, our focus is on Switzerland, but there are already a few partners in neighboring countries. It's best to check back often, because the offer is constantly being expanded.

How many offers do I get with the Ibecx Bike Pass?

With the Ibecx Bike Pass you have access to all the offers of our partners on the website. Many of our partners have not only one but several offers for you. You can always find the current numbers on our homepage. It's best to check back often, because new partners and offers are added all the time.

How often can each offer be used?

Unless otherwise stated in the offer, you can use each offer as often as you like. It doesn't matter, for example, if you plan to spend several weekends in one region or if you store in one store more than once. During the duration of your Ibecx Bike Pass, you can do this as often as you like.

How long is the Ibecx Bike Pass valid?

The Ibecx Bike Pass is valid for exactly one year in all categories. It doesn't matter when you bought the pass. For example, if you buy it on August 1st, it will expire on July 31st of the following year. However, we will remind you of the expiration date in good time beforehand so that you can decide whether you want to extend it seamlessly.

What are typical uses for the Ibecx Bike Pass?

One of the things that makes the Ibecx Bike Pass unique is that it combines different services and offers. Our goal is to offer several partners in different categories in one region. Since we are still new, this is not yet the case everywhere, but we are working on it. Once you have found an exciting region with several partners, you could for example stay there in one of our accommodations, go on a guided day tour with one of our experienced guides, use one of our local mountain railroads and upgrade your equipment in one of our stores. You alone have the choice what you want to use and what not. However, since there are now an infinite number of providers, we have made a pre-selection for you. We can recommend each of our partners to you without reservation. Maybe you'll find just the one partner you've been wanting to visit for a long time - now you finally have the opportunity to do so at an attractive price.

What does the Ibecx Bike Pass cost?

The Ibecx Bike Pass is available in the Solo, Solo Plus and Family categories at the regular prices of CHF 119, CHF 169 and CHF 199.

How can I pay for my Ibecx Bike Pass?

You can pay for your Ibecx Bike Pass with Twint, Mastercard, Visa or by prepayment. If you pay with Twint or credit card, you can use your pass directly. If you pay in advance, your pass will be valid as soon as we receive your payment.

Is the Ibecx Bike Pass only for mountain bikers?

The concept of the Ibecx Bike Pass is currently focused on mountain bikers. But of course you can also use our offers with your gravel, city bike or road bike. As long as you can identify yourself with our partners, we will of course be happy to receive your testimonials.